10 Years of Walk

As we reflect on this momentous occasion, we humbly bow our heads in gratitude and give thanks to God for bestowing upon us the vision of Walk Ministries.

It is through divine guidance and grace that we have been led on this transformative journey, touching lives and sowing seeds of hope along the way.

To the men we serve, their families, and the futures they now possess, we celebrate you. It is your resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit that inspire us to continue our work each day. Together, we have transformed lives, shattered barriers, and paved the way for a brighter tomorrow.

As we pause to commemorate this significant milestone, let us remember the lives we have touched, the stories we have transformed, and the radiant hope we have ignited. Our impact transcends the confines of our organization; it resounds through the lives of those we serve, their families, and the communities they call home.

Looking ahead, let us continue to embody the core values that have guided us thus far:

– Servanthood

– Humility

– Compassion

– Unity & Peace

May these virtues remain the bedrock of our actions as we persistently pursue excellence, fully aware that each step we take propels us closer to a society that embraces justice and compassion.

To our staff, my pride in each and every one of you knows no bounds. The collective efforts we have invested, alongside our partners and the individuals whose lives we touch, have generated a ripple effect of positive change. Together, we possess the power to shape a future where second chances cease to be distant dreams but become tangible realities.

To all our partners in the city, churches around the country, the police, HMPs, probation officers, and the amazing people we work with and feel supported by, I extend my deepest gratitude. Here’s to the next ten years and beyond, as we continue to forge a path toward a brighter future for all.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Simon Edwards

CEO, Walk Ministries