“Jesus has forgiven me and set me free.”

I have been a drug addict since I was 15 years old. I started out as a recreational drug-taker and I went from smoking cannabis to going out and doing harder stuff on weekends.
After my grandparents died in 2010 I started taking harder drugs and smoking crack. In 2013 I was introduced to a drug called Monkey Dust and that became my drug of choice. I smoked it every day until I came to Walk nearly ten years later.
In 2021 I did not buy anything for my little boy for Christmas as I had spent all my money on Dust. I had always wanted to be a father, and knowing I’d let him down like that sent me over the edge.
Honestly, I tried to end it because I didn’t think there was any hope or any place that could get me off this drug. Thankfully my attempt failed and a friend got me in here, and that’s what changed my life.
This friend had told me about Walk before but I was not interested in it. I was not a Christian and didn’t want to be one. But after that Christmas something changed, I knew I had to do whatever it took for my son, it was not about me anymore. I did not want my son growing up without a dad, I knew I needed to change and so I turned up here.
To be honest, I found it tough at Walk. I initially did ten weeks here and then left. I got clean, thought I was better than everyone else and thought I didn’t need what was on offer here. Turns out I did, life doesn’t change in a couple of months.
There’s no doubt about it, I have been hard work. The amazing people here have dealt with a lot because of me. I knew that my attitude was wrong and when I came back to Walk I tried to work with – not against – what was going on here.
That decision has led to a lot of positive change in my life and I’m now working as an assistant in a school. That would not have been possible without the trust and opportunities that the team at Walk have given me.
Jesus has forgiven me and set me free. I never thought I’d be the one saying it, but I am, and it’s brilliant.
I have my son with me every week now, he will never know another Christmas like that again.

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