Move On Home

The next part of the journey after our recovery home is shared supported accommodation in one of our move on homes. It is estimated that residents will spend from four months to a year at this stage of their journey. You will be sharing your home with 4 or 5 other residents, learning to live as a family, shopping together, eating together and supporting each other. At this stage of your journey, you will be volunteering and starting to move into part-time employment.

Residents participate in Personal Development Plans, where they discuss and plan their personal journey with a member of the support team. PDPs help residents identify areas of need for example addiction, emotional instability, debt etc and to access support where necessary. PDPs also help residents with planning of goals and future aspirations.

  • To be understood
  • Not be judged
  • To be accountable for your attitudes and behaviour
  • 10 pm curfew
  • To be drug/alcohol tested regularly
  • To do voluntary work moving into part-time employment
  • To have an opportunity to discover who you are
  • Life Skills training eg Citizenship, Anxiety & Depression, Healthy Relationships.
  • Bible studies
  • To attend the gym
  • To attend a local church

“Jesus has forgiven me and set me free.”

I’m now working as an assistant in a school. That would not have been possible without the trust and opportunities the team at Walk have given me…