“I love Walk, and because of Walk I now love making boats."

Life is good and I’m so grateful that my dad got to see this part of it, he can be at peace knowing where his son is now.

“The Queen’s Award... is a prestigious award.”

What struck me first was the thought of what would happen if Walk were not here. The value they provide to the community, from the financial to the practical, is incredible…

"It’s not easy here, but it is worth it. I promise you that."

The rehabilitation process means that we are going to uncover the sore bits and then we’re going to poke at them because we need to heal them. That can be uncomfortable, but the results are incredible. Walk will change your life.

“Jesus has forgiven me and set me free.”

I’m now working as an assistant in a school. That would not have been possible without the trust and opportunities the team at Walk have given me…

"We believe that the men at Walk were born to reflect the glory of God in the world."

God has given us this grace, this incredible gift of salvation, and it’s there, but we’ve got to pick it up and unpack it, unwrap it and explore how we make it our own.

"I was homeless, living in an abandoned church"

Since I’ve been at Walk Ministries, I’ve got a beautiful flat and a part-time job, the first contract I’ve ever signed. My marriage is going from strength to strength.


"They are not visitors or guests, they are part of the family."

Being close to Walk as a church has been great. It has done our church good to see God working and changing lives for the better. It has also helped us define our mission…

"Get him on the plane, we'll meet him at the other end"

He didn’t ever decide to become an addict, he slid into it. He’d had various illnesses, struggled through a family crisis and hit a patch of burnout…

"I see them at their worst"

And in my experience, the start is actually the easiest bit, because getting clean isn’t the hard part. Staying clean is…