Semi Supported Flats

The final stages of the journey are moving into a semi supported flat. Residents will spend between 6 months and a year at this stage of their journey.
You will be living independently, cooking your own meals, managing your finances and daily life. At this stage of the journey, you will be volunteering and moving into part-time employment.

Independent Living

Support is provided to transition into your own accommodation with your own short term tenancy and to move on into full-time employment upon completing the project.
Walk will always be a place of love and support for you to come home to. Previous residents are welcome at the Walk Centre and the kettle is always on.

Our flats

At Walk, we think that it is important that men feel valued. We take great pride in the quality of housing we offer our men. Our flats and living spaces are all clean, comfortable and safe, fully furnished and often include en-suite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. We aim to offer a home away from home.

What you can expect:

  • 11 PM curfew
  • To be understood
  • Not be judged
  • To be accountable for your attitudes and behaviour
  • To be drug/alcohol tested regularly
  • To do voluntary work and part-time employment
  • To have an opportunity to discover who you are
  • To attend a local church
  • To receive employment placement support and other support as needed.
  • Bible studies
  • To attend the gym

Want to journey with us?

The referral process can take many forms, but it always starts with a conversation – either in person or over the phone. Please contact us via email at or by ringing 01782 870196. One of the team will contact you to begin the referral process.