Volunteering in 2021

Two Walk residents cleaning a boat at Rudyard Lake

The value provided by volunteering to the community from the financial to the practical is incredible.

The Earl of Harrowby

Volunteering is at the heart of who we are. Walk was built by volunteers, and volunteering has remained important throughout the years . Throughout 2021, Walk has achieved a total of 67,200 voluntary hours.

When people ask why we do voluntary work, the answer lies in the words of one of our previous residents:

“When they told me I was going to do voluntary work I was furious, but I knew in my heart I should be there. In fact, one of the biggest lessons I learned at Walk was through volunteering. I had next to no money at this point, but I had never been so rich. I had a family, people around me that truly cared for me, and I started to see what was really valuable in life.”

Our partnerships with organisations and companies such as Rudyard Lake, The Boatyard, Concrete, the YMCA and Ruff and Ruby enable Walk to send men into trusted places to gain skills and experience, while also providing extra volunteers for those who need them.