The Out-Course

Every man who comes through Walk participates in the out-course which prepares them to reintegrate back into society and their families. Weekly courses are delivered by support staff. Skills covered range from managing mental health, writing a CV, to citizenship. Our aim is to empower them to live independently and improve their confidence to manage work, family and relationships successfully.  

Walk residents sat around a table receiving teaching from Steve Dailly

This week it was a privilege to observe the residents learning how to set and adhere to boundaries in order to manage healthy relationships. The residents considered the different types of relationships they may experience, from friends and family to romantic relationships. They discussed what they should expect in terms of behaviour from anybody they have a relationship with, and how their behaviour in turn affects others. Through the process of introspection, their self-awareness grows, and they are able to reflect on behaviours that work and those that don’t work.

Walk residents receiving teaching around healthy relationships.