New House Opening

Months of hard work have come to an end, and today marks the opening of our new supported house.

Moving into a supported house is a vital part of the Walk journey. After joining us in a recovery house, residents move on to a supported home where they live alongside other residents. It is estimated that they will spend four months to a year in at this part of their journey, where together they will learn to live as a family while volunteering and/or moving into part-time work.

“The best part of supported housing is living with my brothers who support and encourage me.”

Our new house is open and ready to welcome five mighty men who are ready to make the transition from The Recovery home into shared accommodation. Our fully equipped open plan kitchen and living area boasts two fridges, a new state-of-the-art cooker, 50” Smart TV, sofa’s, and dining table. This ensures that the residents will be able to socialise while they cook, eat, and relax for the evening. We encourage the residents to live healthy lives. The large open plan kitchen is an ideal space to try out our new cookbook full of healthy and balanced meals.

Alongside the social area downstairs is a large outdoor space which gives the residents opportunities to garden, which is known to improve mental health and wellbeing in a relaxing social environment.

Each room is fully furnished. With bright white walls and our signature navy blue colour scheme, the bedrooms in each house are a sanctuary for those quiet moments of peace, relaxation, and sleep. Here at Walk Ministries, we believe that rehabilitation accommodation can and should be homely. The men in our care deserve to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. They deserve a comfortable house which they can be proud of.

“I am getting some stability back into my life through working and having a nice home to come back to.”