Last year’s 96-hour challenge was a great success. This year our CEO Simon Edwards, together with staff and some of our mighty men will take part in another 96-hour challenge.

They will be walking the distance of a marathon each day. This totals just over 100 miles in 4 days.
The team will be walking a canal route, starting in Llangollen at the Horseshoe Falls, following the canal all the way to Armitage on the Trent and Mersey canal.

This 96-hour hike will be a challenging adventure for the guys going on this journey. Every evening as the temperature drops and the light fades, they will set up camp under the open sky, as many people have and continue to do across the UK each year. With little to no money in their pockets, in faith, they hope to be fed, bathed, and watered by the public.

We are hoping to raise £5,000 to share between ourselves and like-minded charities who help people break out of addiction and homelessness.

The money raised will bring Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s dinners to the table of those supported – men and women who have experienced homelessness, addiction and other struggles throughout their lives.

We are buzzing about this fundraiser and hope you are too! Make your donation count and help us make a difference this Christmas.

Please donate here!