Walk specialises in delivering bespoke training
tailored to your needs and outcomes.

Examples of current training being delivered:

  • Wellbeing Days
  • Effective Boundaries
  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Signs of Grooming
  • Mentoring Ex Offenders

We also offer informative talks to Universities, Secondary Schools and professional groups on:


  • Rehabilitation
  • Life in Prison
  • Lived Experience
  • Criminal Justice

“Simon’s lecture was really useful in providing an understanding from a prisoner’s perspective and warning signs of conditioning.”

“I really enjoyed the conditioning training as I feel it is so important to everyone who works in the prison environment I find it very fascinating.”

Please contact the office on 01782 870196 to discuss any training needs.

"Get him on the plane, we'll meet him at the other end"

He didn’t ever decide to become an addict, he slid into it. He’d had various illnesses, struggled through a family crisis and hit a patch of burnout…