Jason's Story

Moving on from Walk and into his future

“I’m now living with a purpose - God’s purpose - for my life.”

When I was young I used to see people on trains with their notepads and laptops, getting on with their busy lives. It looked like they had somewhere to be and something to do. It was fascinating, but it seemed so foreign to me.

Nowadays it’s me in the suit, with the laptop and the full diary. There has been a big turnaround. I have an evening job as a support worker in a home for young people and I give my days to helping asylum seekers in my local area. On top of that I host therapeutic poetry workshops for young people with mental health issues and I perform my own poetry whenever I can.

“At Walk I found acceptance, discipleship and opportunity.”

If you had met me ten years ago you would have met someone addicted to crack and heroine, who was committing crimes to support his habit. But not anymore, I’m now living with a purpose - God’s purpose - for my life.

I still remember the day I was picked up from prison. I took a few moments to look back and pray for those still inside before I was taken to buy clothes and then introduced to everyone at the house where I would live. At Walk I found acceptance, discipleship and opportunity. Their support has helped me develop the life I'm living now.

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