Do you only work with men?

As an organisation we will consider any individual who we think we can help. However our residential and rehabilitation facilities are designed as single-sex houses for safety and security reasons.

For any women, families or young adults we suggest you contact us and, if we are unable to provide direct assistance, we can refer you to other charities and organisations who we think can serve you better.

Do you have to be a Christian to join Walk?

We do not force any participant in Walk to have a faith in God, we believe it is a choice each individual must make for themselves and we give space for them to do so. 

The Walk programme teaches many elements of the Christian faith and will always do so, we discuss this with every person joining a program and ensure they understand fully the environment they are joining.

How do I refer myself or someone else?

The referral process can take many forms, but it always starts with a conversation. Please visit the Referral page, fill out the information and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as we can.

Will I have to give up my current housing situation and/or leave my pets behind?

Everyone we work with is housed in one of our properties and will not be able to keep their current housing options. Unfortunately we cannot accept pets into any of our houses at this time.

Can I stay at my local church while at Walk?

At Walk we have built strong relationships with partner churches that provide community and safety for the men on our programs. We always suggest to those coming to Walk that they join a partner church for the duration of their time with us.

Will you accept someone with mental health issues?

At Walk we assess referrals on an individual basis and each application is evaluated to see if we can support the needs of person applying. If we can, we accept. If we cannot, we attempt to signpost to other agencies, charities or services best equipped to help.

Do you work with sex offenders?

As answered above, each case is individually assessed.

How do I afford to live at Walk?

Initially a person at Walk will be on benefits to help with basic costs. With everyone at Walk we aim to progress their standard of living with training that enables future employment opportunities and the beginnings of a new life in the community.

Can my kids come with me to Walk?

Unfortunately, due to our accommodation limitations we cannot accept children at Walk. 

Where are you based and how long will I be at Walk?

We are based in Stoke-On-Trent and our courses run for approximately two years. 

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