Our Vision & Mission

At Walk we believe that every man has a place and purpose in life. We see the potential of every individual we encounter and we know that, through Christ, all things are possible for him.

No matter what he has done in his past, or where he has been to prison, we know that Jesus has a path for him to walk into a future of meaning and merit.

As a ministry we run one and two year intensive programmes to help these men realise their God-given gifts. We give them homes, jobs and skills for living, while teaching them about life and faith in a family environment.

"I was sentenced to life in prison in 2003, and I wanted to die. I never thought I would be able to make it through the sentence, and frankly, I did not want to."


We start from our beliefs and practically outwork them together. Walking alongside one another, we learn as we go.

There is truly nothing better for me than seeing a man from Walk Ministries joining a church community, getting married, starting a family and becoming who he was created to be. No two journeys are alike, but each one is an incredible testimony of God’s goodness and grace.

Alongside our work with the men we also encourage and equip the church to welcome these men home. We provide training, advice and practical help so that any church community can be a safe and welcoming environment where faith can flourish.

Please use this site to read some of our stories, see our training, discover Liberty Farm and get in touch if you would like to partner with us.

Simon Edwards
Walk Ministries founder

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