Shrove Tuesday

This Shrove Tuesday we held a pancake competition across Walk!

Shrove Tuesday originates from the word ‘shrive’ meaning absolve. As the last day before Lent, shrove Tuesday is a day of self-examination where Christians often consider what sins they wish to repent of, and what changes and spiritual growth they would like to focus on during Lent.

During Lent, many people choose to fast. Traditional fast items include meat, fish, eggs, fats, milk, and sugar. In preparation for the fast, centuries ago, those observing the fast would use Shrove Tuesday to remove their fasting items. Since some traditional fasting items easily combine to make pancake batter, Shrove Tuesday became widely associated with the making of pancakes.

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we held a ministry-wide pancake competition where residents teamed up to create the best pancake. We judged the teams on flavour, presentation, and the all-important flip! The men were provided with ingredients to make pancake batter, a simple recipe, and an array of toppings.

Our residents have varied levels of cooking ability. For some of the men, this was their first experience of making pancakes with fresh ingredients.  While a few pancakes did end up on the floor, overall, they impressed with beautifully presented pancakes which tasted great. It was a day of learning new skills, making new memories, and eating good food.