Mental Wellbeing

At Bridgegate Detox Home, we run a weekly mental wellbeing group to encourage mindfulness and supply useful tips and strategies to help our residents manage their mental health.  

During a course of sessions, we cover topics that can improve mental resilience such as; balancing your life, reframing negative thoughts, how to not take things personally, and identifying things in and out of our circle of control.  

This week we talked about the benefits of humour in stressful situations. Laughter is a natural medicine, the chemicals released by the brain improve mood. Dopamine improves motivation, the hormone oxytocin plays a role in social bonding, and the endorphins released help reduce stress and anxiety, and give a sense of safety.   

It is said that adults laugh approximately 17 times per day, compared to children who laugh up to 300 times per day. We all have an inner child that needs to be let out to play sometimes, and through humour we can let the guards down and live, love and laugh with the passion and curiosity of children. We talked about when it is that we laugh and found that the more time we spent socialising or engaging in an activity, the more we laughed and the better our mood became.   

We concluded the session with a discussion about how our residents can use humour to support themselves and each other through the detox stage. We produced a list of ideas to encourage laugher within the home such as watching a comedy show together, playing games together, sharing jokes and watching funny videos of cats (yes, they really suggested this).   

Staff support worker Andy in the garden at Bridgegate. He is laughing and walking towards the camera.
Support Worker Andy