New Minibus

Thank you to everyone who donated to our online fundraising campaign and to the Barret Foundation for supporting us in our search for a new minibus.

With the opening of Bridgegate detox home, it was important that we have an additional vehicle that will be used to transport residents to probation, doctors appointments, the dentist, voluntary placements and on days out.

We were able to secure a great vehicle which the previous owners kept clean, well serviced, and low on mileage. 

The previous owners were Glasgow Police!

Walk’s New Minibus

We are enjoying seeing the funny side of a charity that was set up to bridge the gap between prison and ‘the real world’ now utilising an old police van, but as is often said, sometimes life comes full circle.

“We are in a police minibus and not one of us is in handcuffs – only God can do that.”

Declan, Walk Resident