The 96 hour challenge

The 96 Hour Challenge results are in!
With your help, we raised £4,500, which provided 198 people £22.73 for a Christmas meal this winter.
Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the word!
Have a Merry Christmas from all of us at Walk.
We are raising £5000 to highlight the crisis of homelessness.
On the 10th of December, Simon Edwards, the CEO of Walk, a member of staff and two men from Walk will do a 4-day bike ride around Cheshire. Each night they will sleep out, wherever they lay their bikes will be their home for the night.
Each day will be a new adventure for the four men on this journey. Every evening as the temperature drops and the light fades, they will set up camp under the open sky, as many people have and continue to do across the UK each year.
Walk Ministries has strong relationships with likeminded charities who share their heart to bring people out of addiction and homelessness. The money raised will bring Christmas dinners to those supported by our partners – men and women who have experienced homelessness, addiction and other struggles throughout their lives.
Make your donation count and help us make a difference this Christmas.
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