Darren's Story

By still and quiet waters

"Drugs were with me from a very young age, I started with solvent abuse and moved on to absolutely everything else."

 A few years ago the lights were going out for me, addiction really had a grip on me and I was losing the will to live. But I had a faith in God, I still believed in Him and He never gave up on me. I first met Simon in prison, he came to faith in my prison cell, and so when I heard about Walk I just wanted to be part of it. I knew it was the place for me. Being here has been hard, some people have radical experiences and God takes their addiction away in a moment, but it’s not been like that for me. I have been working through everything step by step by step.

I have been out of prison now for more than four years, before that I could never last more than six months before getting sent back. In my life so far I have had thirty years of addiction and twenty five years of prison, so where I am now is a really good place.

Life was always quick before. Quickly getting into trouble, quickly getting into addiction, quickly ending up in prison. At Walk I have learned to slow it all down. To sit and wait, to trust in God and rest, to not rush through anything.

Fishing is my pace now. You cannot rush when you sh, you have to take your time. As a kid I used to walk three miles to the lake to sh, and looking back it was a place of peace for me. 

"Thirty years later at Walk I started seeing people going fishing, so I bought myself a second hand rod and took the hobby up again."

Now I have enough kit for ten of us to go fishing together and I organise trips for the guys from Walk. We go fishing to relax, to slow down and enjoy life. When I’m out fishing I am so thankful to God, helping men who have gone through similar struggles to me is everything I survived my years of addiction for and everything I hope to do in my future.

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