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Walk Ministries co-founder on the moments and meaning

“Success for the men in Walk Ministries is the life that we often take for granted.”

Lots of guys arrive at Walk thinking that they will never see their families again, or that they have broken the relationships that matter most to them.

They come to us knowing full well the damage they have done, knowing they have gone too far, and really aware of the mess in their lives. Yet, time and time again, we have seen God restore these men. More often than not, within a year they are taking their daughters shopping, going fishing with their dads, or finding themselves invited to a family celebration for the first time in years. Those are the moments that stay with me. We see God’s goodness like that so much.

“Jesus is the one who changes everyone in this ministry.”

The small things have such huge meaning for the men we walk alongside. When they get a birth certificate, a passport, or get to take their daughter out for dinner and pick up the bill. Those are the things that show them the heart of God. For so many of us, those moments are normal, just part of everyday life, and maybe even a hassle. But for the men at Walk they are huge landmarks on a personal journey. 

Success for the men in Walk Ministries is the life that we often take for granted. Going to church, coming back home for a meal, having friends round, putting the kids to bed, going to work and earning a living. And much of what we do is simply about helping them to access that lifestyle and thrive in it.

Walk is a place where transformation happens, but we are not the ones who transform. We provide the conditions and the challenges, but Jesus is the one who changes everyone in this ministry. When I look at any of the guys we work with I don’t see them in their brokenness, I see them as Christ sees them. I see them as no different to the people who live next door, or go to my church, and I don’t see a reason why that life cannot be theirs.

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